All of our Pork Brats are Artisan made in individual batches as small as 20lb. This gives us the chance to please anybodies Palate, from traditional to adventurous. No antibiotics or hormones are given to our Heritage Mulefoot pigs. They are raised on pasture for up to a year to develop great flavor and lean muscles. The natural environment with room to run, dig and interact keeps them healthy and happy. We believe that makes better meat too. It is proven that pastured grass fed meat has more omega three and six, is leaner, more flavorful and has less adrenalin stored than their poor feed lot cousins. The brats contain no fillers or preservatives. Just our meat, herbs and spices. We are proud to use Penzey spices in our Brats. This wisconsin based Company has the trust of chefs all around the country. Herbs get blended daily for ultimate freshness and flavor giving you ultimate joy for your taste buds with less salt. While it took quite some time to get our authentic german recipes aproved byt the State, we the trouble was well worth it


Black Boar - not for whimps. Nice heat of Horseradish and black pepper

Red Pig -the refreshing flavor of the Provence

Garlic and Onion Brat - one of the very popular ones. Bold flavor for bold people!

Cheddar Chili - a favorite at the farmers market

Hot Mama - the presents of chipotle will make you cry for more

Farm style - fingerlicking good with hints of pepper, coriander, garlic, marjoram and savory

My Favorite - great Brat flavor with hints of oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme

Bavarian - You might start jodeling

Just Herbs - With all the Herbs of a bouquet garni

Rosemary - pleasantly fragrant

Squeeler - Can you say jalapeno?

Good stuff - nice balanced Brat for the less adventures type

Artisan Pork Brats

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